CBESS Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is the officially recognized collective voice of parents of our school. All parents and guardians of students registered in the school are automatically voting members of the PAC.

Come and join us the first Wednesday of the month at 4:30pm at the school library unless otherwise indicated.

2020/2021 Meeting Dates: Sept 21, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2, Jan 6, Feb 3, Mar 3, Apr 7, May 5, June 2

Funding focus areas are:

  • A dedicated Hot Lunch Program,
  • Annual Secondary students travel
  • Elementary music programming.

These initiatives receive annual funding in the amount of $1500 per school year.


November order deadline is November 10th 2020

UPDATESee additional information on the Grocery gift card tab.

Donor appreciation

Thank you to the PAC Executive, Fundraising Sub committee, and core group of parents who lend their voices and hearts regularly to our monthly meetings.

Many thanks to the following for their generous contributions:
  • The residents of Yasodhara Ashram for donating the proceeds of the 2019 Strawberry Social Book Sale to the hot lunch program
  • YRB for the stop sign at the school exit.
  • Kootenay Lake Community Church for their Hot Lunch donation.
  • Studio ponnuki for hosting and updating our website.
  • Norse Arts for their wreath/stained glass donations.
  • Save-On Foods for supporting our grocery gift card and hot lunch programs.
  • Kootenay Co-op for supporting our grocery gift card fundraiser.
  • President’s Choice Charity for supporting our Hot Lunch Program
  • The following for their generous donations of food, dishes, cutlery, time and energy.  Thank you to… Wloka Farms in Creston for the plums, Paul Hindson of Kokanee Chalets for the microwave and milkcrate, Kokanee Springs for the food, Lorna Robin & John Smith for the forks, Guiding Hands Association for the plates/bowls, Amanda Hulland for the cutlery, various people for the amazing garden donations AND (last but not least!) the volunteers who show up everyday for food prep and dish washing.  You rock!