December 2020 Meeting Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes
Dec. 2/2020

I. Call to Order and First Nations Land Acknowledgement– Taryn Stokes 4:33
II. Roll call: Cam Stokes, Taryn Stokes, Lisa Skoreyko, Amanda Hulland, Jennifer Newcomen, Sara Wick, Heather Davies, Kristen Denehy.
III. Agenda Approval – all approved
IV. Minutes Approval– all approved
V. Reports/Discussions
Chair Report
– Cards were sent out as a thank for donations from community people and groups.
– Art card fundraiser is in production. Looks like pretty good participation. For future they can accept electronic submissions.
– PAC has joined in with the seasonal greetings in Mainstreet to help fundraise for the food hamper.

Principal’s report
– Student council had their first event with an egg drop. Working in groups the students created ways to protect their eggs from cracking when subjected to a high drop. Next plan for student council event is for a school sleep over.
– There are ideas for a few groups: Inclusion club, drawing club, Minecraft club.
– Winter celebration: each class doing their own piece which will be video recorded and sent to out parents.
– First Nations celebrations: Patrick LeClarc came to the school for a flag raising and sharing about his Metis heritage.
– Wetland excursions have happened with a few classes and outdoor trips are still possible under our current circumstances.
– Teachers are missing parent involvement and invite parents to get in touch if they are interested in being involved with outdoor activities.
– Canned goods are being accepted at the school for collection for food hampers.

Hot Lunch Report
Total expenses $3240.67
Total income $1979.50
Number of meals sold per month is down from last year and grocery costs are up.
Average Plate cost $4.91 Selling more $3 meals.
Survey will go out to get feedback about hot lunch.

Treasurer report
General account $8370 money will still need to come to out for grocery gift cards.
Gaming account $4700 – may use some of this money for a score board for the gym.
Hot Lunch Account $2440
December GGC profit:
Save-on $580
Kootenay Coop $168

VI. Topics from Previous Meeting
Continued discussion regarding track and field potential for the spring if it is possible with COVID safety at that time. There is potential money for some equipment.

VII. Meeting Adjourned 5:11pm
VIII. Next meeting January 13/2021 4:30pm
Minutes by Lisa Skoreyko